Raw shell Components of Capiz Shell, Capiz Floor Lamp shade
Raw shell Components Capiz Shell, Philippine Capiz Table Lamp shade
capiz collection of chandelier from the collection of jumbo pacific inc. philippine from their raw shell of capiz.
latest collection of capiz chip and strand design, color, measurement, sizes.
latest design and collection of hand made capiz curtains from the component of capiz shells.
philippines hand made collection of capiz candle holder

Capiz Rectangle Latest Collection of Capiz Chandelier, Lamp shade, Candle Holder, Shell Chip and Strands from Philippines.

Capiz Rectangle is one of the popular shapes for making capiz chips for high quality export handmade Philippine products. For home and hotels decorative products for making such a wonderful lighting components such as capiz shell chips for making capiz chandeliers, capiz lampshades and capiz curtains. We have also shell chips not only capiz shell but any shell as long as government approved and legally for export.

Not only for home and hotels decoration purposes but also for fashion jewelry and fashion accessories like neacklace pendant, bracelets and earrings. This capiz rectangle is very popular and one of the favorite top shape component.

Our Table Capiz Lamp Shades, Hanging Chandeliers and Floor Lamp Shades are very cheap and easy to install very safe and nature friendly. Very affordable and elegant looking design for all home decoration, room lighting, hotels interior, kitchen decors or even bathroom design. Available in different colors, shapes and design.

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